Are you just getting started on ProjectFlow? Here’s a friendly how-to video help you make the most of your ProjectFlow board! Don’t forget to follow us on twitter @getProjectFlow, for more updates.

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Welcome to Project Flow!

Here are some tips on getting started. 

First, you’ll want to rename your board. Click the settings icon on the right to access the settings menu. Rename your board and click save.

Next, let’s get rid of these example projects. To do so, click the edit icon in the right of each box and then click the trash icon. You can also drag projects directly into the trash, located in the upper right-hand corner.

Now, let’s rename our columns. To edit a column, click on the edit icon. Rename your column and select a color for your column in this menu.

In this example, we are setting up columns for web development projects with Planning, Design, Development and Launch.

Next, you’ll want to add some projects onto your board. To add a project, click the plus button in the navigation to the right. You can name your project, select a client, and assign multiple people onto the project. To add a new client or person to the existing list, simply type their name and press enter. You can only attach one client to any given project but you may select multiple people. You can also edit the list of clients and people by clicking the edit option above each dropdown. There, you can edit or delete names. 

From this add menu, you can also add columns onto your board. Let’s add a QA/Testing column. 

Now, drag and drop to rearrange projects and columns.

To complete a project, click the edit icon to add that project to successes. You can also drag it directly into the success icon. 

To view successful projects, click on the success icon in the corner on the right. From there, you can restore projects back to your board. 

If you click on the trash icon, you may restore projects from the trash as well.

Lastly, you can customize your board by clicking into the settings menu. Besides renaming your board, you can also change the information labels for each project. For example, as a real estate agent, information such as locations, buyers and sellers would be more important for your board as opposed to client and people labels. You may also change the view of your board in this menu. 

Please start enjoying your ProjectFlow!

ProjectFlow is a web app that helps individuals and small businesses get clear, big-picture views of all their projects. With its simple drag and drop interface, ProjectFlow enables simple project tracking in a matter of minutes.

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